Monday, October 3, 2011

Illuminated Monster Eyes for Do It Yourself Halloween Decor

Here’s an easy way to add eyes peering through your windows. It's a peek into an awesome Halloween Decoration!
Categories: Illuminated decoration.
Skill level: Fairly Easy.
Time needed: 15-30 minutes.
Expense: $2.00 - $4.00
 You may be familiar with our “TerrorEyes”  I & II DVDs which allow you to put animated, moving eyes with soundtracks into your windows. If you want to add many windows with stagnant yet scary eyes, we’ve provided high resolution images of all of our TerrorEyes for a free download at:
At this page, you will see nine different eyes that you can download!

Each of the eyes is in an 8.5x11 inch (standard letter size) pdf file. Note that some images are vertical and others horizontal, but they ALL will print out in standard profile mode. You do NOT need to change the print to landscape mode. Following this project’s instructions, we’ve placed two eye prints for your immediate convenience.

You can make your very own creepy illuminated eyes to peep out of your windows
for Halloween...or any time of the year if you really want to keep your neighbors
up all night throughout the year!

Basically, you're going to print out 2 copies of any of the nine Halloween EYE images provided at

You'll then either allow your ambient room lighting to illuminate the peepers or make a simple light-box for each.

Use a color ink-jet or laser printer to print out one or two or however many you wish to have in your various windows. If your printer allows you to print boarder-less, then go boarder-less!!


When held up to the light, you can see that the image is translucent.

 There's two ways to use your Eyes. If you simply want to use a nearby room lamp to illuminate those babies, then you will merely need to surround the eyes with opaque blackness to seal the window off so that nothing other than the eye can be seen from outside.


METHOD A – Using Ambient room lighting:

METHOD A STEP 1) Get Material
You can either get some black poster board or, my favorite and least expensive, just get a large black trash bag. Unless you have a really thick bag, most bags are not completely opaque, so leave the bag in-tact (doubled-up).

METHOD A STEPs 2 & 3) Trace and Cut
Lay out either the poster board or plastic. Cut the piece so that it fits your window. Then
locate where in the frame of the window you want your eyes. Then cut out holes to tape your eyes into. The holes can either fit the eye perfectly, or you can cut out approximately a 7.5 inch by 9.5 inch square to accommodate the 8.5 x 11 inch eye print. Make sure the black poster board or plastic bag covers any white boarder on the print if your printer left one on the image.

METHOD A STEP 4) TAPE Simply tape the eye prints onto the plastic or poster board.


METHOD A STEP 5) Hang the whole thing in your window. Be sure to cover up any other windows nearby. 

METHOD A STEP 6) Finally, make sure you have a room light or nearby lamp on to illuminate your Eyes. Always play it safe and NEVER put a hot lamp too close to the plastic or poster board or paper images. Keep at least two feet away.

METHOD B: Using home-made Light Boxes:

METHOD B STEP 1) Now, if you want to make your own light boxes for the eyes, you'll need a small cardboard box for each eye. Shirt-boxes or shipping boxes work great. If you have a used United States Postal Shipping Box or FedEx Box, these are ideal!

METHOD B STEP 2)  CUT out the square or round hole for the eye prints.

METHOD B STEP 3)  PAINT You may want to spray paint the outside of the box black.

METHOD B STEP 4) Hole for plug
Cut a small hole on the side to pull the plug and cord through the box.

METHOD B STEP 5) Light it up
Once you have the image taped to the box, get some of your white Christmas lights out of storage. If they’re all tangled up like mine are every year, that's perfect. Just shove 'em into the box and make sure they're spread out somewhat evenly. Get an extension cord to plug them in.

METHOD B STEP 6) TAPE the print to the box.

METHOD B STEP 7) TAPE the contraption to the window using packing tape.

If you want an EXTRA BIG effect, separate the eyes across two nearby windows.

Remember, you can do this trick with different pairs of eyes in many different windows or doors or any location throughout your house or yard!

  Get your EYEs here:

For ANIMATED EYES and other spooktacular Halloween Decorations and Halloween Special Effects please visit and for Fangtastic Halloween Freebies visit


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